n-com BLUETOOTH B602 X

N-Com B602 is designed for motorcyclists who love travelling medium to long distances and travel solo or as passengers on the same bike. Even at high speed, intercom conversation is clear and defined with optimal audio quality. Unfamiliar with technology? No problem, the B602 offers two modes, Complete and Simple, which can be selected according to the functions you require including ease of use. In addition, optimization of intercom audio quality, compatibility with the N-Com EASYSET app, firmware updates from your smartphone, and the ability to change the language of voice announcements directly via the system. N-Com B602, the intercom that adapts to your needs.

Compatibility with: X-1005/U.C.; X-903 U.C.; X-552 U.C; X-403 GT U.C.
X-1004/U.C.; X-1003; X-1002; X-903; X-702/U.C.; X-701; X-661/E.T.; X-603; X-602; X-551/GT; X-403 GT; X-402/GT/T

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