Dedicated to those who demand top performance and like to ride in the company of others, the N-Com B902 X Series offers the highest audio quality and excellent helmet integration. Thanks to the Multitasking Audio function, you can listen to audio from different sources simultaneously. The Auto ON-OFF, Multilingual Voice Announcements and Smart Conference functions make it a top-of-the-range intercom suitable for those who prefer long distances. B902, the connection between the motorcyclist and his passions. Compatibility with: X-1005-U.C.; X-903 U.C.; X-403 GT U.C. X-1004-U.C.; X-1003; X-1002; X-903; X-702-U.C.; X-701; X-661-E.T.; X-603; X-602; X-551-GT; X-403 GT; X-402-GT-T
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