BSB – Donington

BSB – Donington

A cracking opening BSB weekend at a somewhat drizzly Donington, fortunately fans and racers alike were not deterred! Whilst it may not have been the most successful weekend for Nolan Group or Ixon particularly. It will be remembered for the success of Bradley Ray, with his surprising and inspiring double win!

A couple of our guys had limited success on the track unfortunately, Josh Brookes notably lower than he would like to be, in 11th & 12th having moved to the McAms Yamaha he’d want to be having similar level of success to last year. But it is a long old season with much more to come, we have a feeling things will change!

Jason O’halloran too, with 9th & 7th place finished under his belt, will be looking to improve as the season progresses and push towards the upper end of the standings.

Looking forwards now, to the next round at Brands Hatch!   

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