BSB: Podium for Ixon’s Jason O’Halloran at Cadwell!

Ixon’s sponsored rider soared to success last month at Cadwell Park with both third and second place finishes which brought him within the top six of the championship so far.

Starting from the 5th grid in race 2, O’Halloran aimed for the podium from the get-go and fought hard against the front runners; by the second lap, he was in 2nd place.

It was a close call during the penultimate laps;  O’Halloran was not giving up on a podium finish. He weaved in between second and third positions  and the 28 year old maintained second place until champion Shane Byrne overtook him on the 14th lap.

It’s evident to see that O’Halloran not only possesses the ability to obtain podium-success but also the fighting spirit, hence why we’re looking forward to seeing him progress even further throughout the championship!

Also, there was a strong performance from Five’s Peter Hickman who reached 4th podium and battling hard with the front runners!

Well done guys!



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