Casey Stoner Returns To Track With The New X-802RR Carbon Fitting Helmet















The two-time MotoGP World Champion, Casey Stoner, presented the new X-802RR Carbon Fitting helmet at Nolan, designed with the collaboration of all 37 Nolan riders.

Casey Stoner shall return to the track on 26 July for the Suzuka 8 Hour race, and to commemorate this historic event he shall wear the new X-802RR Carbon Fitting racing helmet: a top-of-the-range model that the rider exhibited today at Nolan during a press conference held by the all-Italian brand.
The Chairman of Nolangroup, Alberto Vergani, opened the press conference and took the opportunity to express his pride in this event: “Having Stoner here with us is a real privilege as he rarely comes to Europe. We believed in him from the start and shall always be by his side. And it is a pleasure to announce today that he will once again compete in the Japanese race (a very important market for us) with the new X-802RR Carbon Fitting helmet. The helmet was developed by our racing division with the input of our 37 riders who have been testing it in three different championships, but for Casey this will be a first! Just like for our customers, who will be able to buy it from January 2016”.
Casey himself reciprocated the sentiments of the Chairman: “I have always appreciated the quality of the Nolan range and the professionalism of their racing division, which is why I am so happy to be here today. I cannot wait to try this new helmet, which features a special graphic just for me to commemorate this occasion”.  In this version, the classic kangaroo, symbol of his homeland, features sharper and more incisive lines, representing the champion’s desire to get back on the track. The classic red, blue and white colours that Stoner has always worn combine to form ancient aboriginal symbols, another reference to Australia.
The new X-802RR Carbon Fitting helmet features new inner comfort padding with activated carbon fibres. High-performance padding offers the rider significant benefits as it limits muscle contractions, cramps and fatigue while improving blood flow. The anti-static and dissipative qualities of the activated carbon help to control static electricity by absorbing and dispersing electrical charges, limiting discharge by the body.   The benefits will be obvious for all motorcyclists thanks to the breathable, temperature-regulating fabric, which encourages quicker moisture dispersion and sweat evaporation whilst maintaining a constant temperature. What is more, it is 100% natural, chemical-free and bacteriostatic, protecting the skin from bacteria and pollutants thereby reducing the risk of allergies.

The results of tests that compared the performance of athletes wearing technical carbon clothing (group 1) with athletes wearing traditional technical clothing (group 2) reveal the effectiveness of this fabric. The results were as follows:
•    body temperature increase was three times greater in the second group than in the first group;
•    the oxygen requirements of the first group fell during exertion to 3 litres/minute;
•    the heart rate of the first group was 4 beats per minute slower than the second group;
•    the concentration of lactic acid was 12% lower in the first group than in the second.

The X-802RR Ultra Carbon – Carbon Fitting version of the X-802RR Carbon Fitting model was also presented, which features a shell with a high content of carbon fibre. Both will be on sale from 2016.


The X-802RR Carbon Fitting helmet features a composite fibre shell available in three different fits for the six available helmet sizes (XS-S / M-L / XL-XXL). The X-802RR Ultra Carbon – Carbon Fitting version has the same technical characteristics, except for the shell, which has a high content of carbon fibre.

The X-802RR Carbon Fitting helmet features innovative inner padding with activated carbon fibres (see press release). The removable cheek pads in the much-loved STEADYFIT configuration are synonymous with excellent comfort even under conditions of substantial pressure on the cheeks, which is essential for keeping the helmet steady even at high speeds during track use. The cheek pads are also available in different thicknesses to ensure the best possible fit.

The visor is very large and features an excellent rotation mechanism, used for opening, closing, and applying the Pinlock® fog-resistant visor (supplied). This helmet comes equipped with the curved outer surface model, but the flat surface model is also available as an accessory, designed for tear-off visors. The visor is completed by the rotation mechanism that has featured on Nolan full-face helmets for a number of years: lightweight, reliable, with a tool-free quick release visor mechanism, 4 mm window trim adjustment and DUAL ACTION device serving a twofold purpose:
• locks the visor, to prevent it from accidentally opening at high speeds;
• defogs the visor, when opened slightly at low speeds or at rest.

An adjustable aerodynamic spoiler is integrated in the rear part of the shell. This spoiler optimises the helmet’s aerodynamics, stabilising it at high speeds, and facilitates the extraction of hot air from inside the helmet through outlet vents integrated directly in the spoiler. Its profile, and thus its aerodynamic performance, can be adjusted to one of two available configurations to better suit different riding positions and styles.

The X-802RR Carbon Fitting model offers a complete and effective ventilation system. In addition to the ASD (Adjustable Stability Device) referred to above (the rear spoiler that facilitates the permanent extraction of hot air from inside the helmet), the ventilation of the X-802RR Carbon Fitting helmet features:
• high flow rate air intakes with defogging function;
• front protection with integrated aerodynamic vent;
• side air extractor;
• direct entry front air intake;
• indirect entry upper air intake.

The helmet features a double ring retention system.

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