BSB: An extremely close 1st for Iddon at Oulton Park!

Gaerne’s sponsored rider, Christian Iddon, has collected many a podium win since the start of British Super Bike 2016,  and this week he was seconds away from claiming the lead title, but unfortunately lost out to Richard Cooper at Oulton Park, England.

Crowds watched  in suspense as Cooper lead the race for the majority, until Iddon (who kept close on his tail) saw his opportunity on the second-to-last lap, and soared passed Cooper to create the dynamics of a dramatic finale.

However, At the entry to the final lap, what was arguably one of the greatest scenes of BSB this year- unfolded; Iddon ran wide whilst braking, which provided the opportunity for Cooper to victoriously reclaim his leading position.

Iddon now takes 14-point lead in the riders’ championship. Each race, we are watching Iddon reach podium victory, its is only a matter of time before he excels further and makes hits the number 1 spot- maybe at Brands Hatch on the 20.05.16.

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