Indianapolis MotoGP: Camier’s 1st Ever GP Race!

Camier, Indianapolis MotoGP 2014.Spidi and Xlite pilot Leon Camier rode his first ever MotoGP race last weekend in Indianapolis. The Brit came to Indianapolis without having ridden the MotoGP bike before, but showed that he was dedicated to learning. He put in a fantastic showing to qualify 16th on the grid, but an electronics problem cut his race short and he failed to finish at Indianapolis.

Camier reflected, “At the start of the race, I noticed that something was wrong, but I continued pushing hard; I just wanted to ride, have fun and try to finish as best I could. As the laps went by the problem increased and I was forced to return to the garage. It was a shame to conclude the weekend like this, because we had done a great job. In any case I am satisfied, because this experience has been terrific and I have learned many new things. Above all I learned during the race, and found what we need to do to improve. I like the chassis and this bike suits my riding style, so I am sure I can go faster with it; hopefully at Brno we have the chance. I want to thank the team for giving me so much to learn from this weekend.”


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