IOM TT Update

So far this year in the TT, we’ve had plenty of racing for our entertainment, as always the sight of 2 wheels (or more) flying around the Isle of Man at over 120mph is of great interest and excitement to all bike enthusiasts. Here are a few words on each of the results we’ve had so far:



In the main Superbike race, where we see the colossal speeds achievable on the island, we had Ixon rider Josh Brookes, in a rather flash all chrome, bike and leather combination, really making him stick out. In the end though he was able to grab 8th place overall in the race, with an average speed of over 125mph, yes, average speed.. rather him than me!


Sidecar race where we had hoped to shine this year, with veteran Sidecar racer Dave Molyneux once again taking part, this time though, with a rather special looking machine, differing largely from the rest of the competitors. This is down to Dave himself doing much of the mechanic work as well as racing, this could have been the downfall this year round though, as he was forced to retire from the race due to technical problems. Hopefully he’ll be back again!


Josh Brookes again, this time racing in more familiar colours, maybe it helped! As he pushed 2 places higher in this class, a 6th place finish as well as beating his personal best time to get around the island on that bike.







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