New for 2015: Nolangroup Product

Nolangroup have many new and exciting products for the 2015 season.

New to Motogear’s UK range this season:


X-802R Ultra Carbon: the new official SBK Replica Stareus Union Jack, and Puro Sport Red.


X-802R: Sepang Davies Replica, Flat Asphalt Davies Replica, Chrome Baiocco Replica.


X-661: Spox N-Com in Metal White / Red, Flat Black / Green and Metal White / Blue, Vinty N-Com Flat Black and Metal White, Start N-Com Gloss Black, Metal White and Flat Black.


N104 EVO: Tech N-Com Metal White, Corsa Red and Cayman Blue.


N86: Stealth Metal Black, Stam Flat Black / White and Flat Black / Orange.


N64: Gemini Replica Bastianini, Melandri Misano, Canepa and Davies Sepang.


N53 MX: Comp Metal White / Blue, Metal Black / Orange, Metal White / Blue / Red, Flaxy Metal Black / Blue / Yellow, Metal White  / Blue / Red, Smart Flat Black and Pure White.


N40 FULL: Adventy Plus N-Com Metal White / Blue / Red, Classic Plus N-Com Flat Black, Metal White.


N21: Banner Flat Black / Union Jack, Durango Flat Black, Sparkling Black. N21 VISOR: Classic Metal White / Flat Black.

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